I have been using Railsplayground for a while to host my Django apps. I am really happy with them and their prices are pretty much unbeatable.

I had set up a Django app a while ago and everything went groovy, therefore I didn’t take any notes. Yesterday I tried to host a second project in a new project folder. As last time I followed the instructions from the  Railsplayground wiki.

Apart from one thing. I didn’t create my project on the server with django-admin.py but instead just copied the project folder from my Macbook. I was fiddling with the dispatch.fcgi for hours before I tried to create a project with django-admin.py and then copied all files from my Macbook into it. Voila! It works!

So don’t make the same mistake and think that you can skip that step. The Django project folder needs to be created on the server. Can anyone enlighten me why that is? I overwrote everything in that folder with my local copy so there shouldn’t be any difference, should there?