Having changed over from Firefox to Safari recently, I sorely missed a free and fast delicious.com plugin. Then I spotted a new feature of WebKit, Safari's open-source underpinnings: HTML5 offline database storage. This allows Safari to have a local copy of all your public delicious bookmarks, which are superfast to search too. If you want to try it out visit http://lenni.info/tools/overdrive/. Well, the title is a little misleading. It isn't really a plugin; it is a little web app that makes use of advanced browser features. Initially, this site will only download the last 100 bookmarks but over time all of your bookmarks will be downloaded - just leave the window open for a few minutes. To search your bookmarks, just enter your search term into the search box at the top. I have placed an intentional restriction on the application. You can't download your private bookmarks since that would mean you'd have to enter your Yahoo password into the site, which should make you nervous. If you notice any quirks, send me an email or post a comment here. 06/07/2009: I have made two updates to the app: Firstly, you can now search for two or more search terms, ie "banking online" will now search for bookmarks that match "online" and "banking". Secondly, the annoying behaviour of the bookmarks appearing at the bottom of the list during the download is gone too. Use Shift+Reload in order to clear your cache and to get the newest version of the app. I also fixed a little bug where sometimes a wrong tag list was being downloaded. If you have the feeling that some of your bookmarks are missing, please reset the app.