Here is a really neat trick on how to speed up your home internet quickly and for free.

A little background

Basically every time a browser requests a page from an human-readable address like, it first needs to find out the IP address for the server. This lookup takes some time and is provided by DNS servers. However, most ISP's DNS servers are slow because no one asks "How fast is the DNS lookup?" when they shop around for broadband.


OpenDNS is a free service that does faster DNS lookup than your broadband provider. They finance themselves by showing you a suggestions page when you mistype an address and this suggestions page has some ads on it. For me that isn't obstructive at all.

How to do it

The Speedtouch routers don't have a GUI for changing the DNS servers so you need to login via the command line program telnet into the router, which by default has the address . If you have changed the IP address of your router you will need to use that instead.

The default user for Speedtouch routers is Administrator and the default password is just blank. Obviously if you changed these setting then you'll have to enter those details.

Now you need to issue three commands which change the DNS settings. First delete the old DNS settings:

dns server route flush
Then add the two OpenDNS ones:
dns server route add dns= metric=1 intf=RoutedEthoA
dns server route add dns= metric=1 intf=RoutedEthoA
Now save everything with
That's it. Try it out now by mistyping an address, if you can see the OpenDNS page then you've done it!